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• Founded: 1945

• Region: Catalonia

• Appellation: Terra Alta

• Village: Batea

• Elevation: 700m

• Climate: Continental-Mediterranean

• Soils: Limestone, Clay

• Vineyard Land: 15 Ha



Casa Mariol Vermut Negre is made by the Vaquer family, producers of artisan Spanish wine and vermouth. They are located in a small village in the Terra Alta outside Tarragona, Catalonia in north-east Spain. The family has been producing wine for almost 100 years and vermouth for nearly as long.


This vermouth is produced from 100 percent macabeu grapes fermented in stainless steel at a low temperature to preserve freshness of flavour and provide a vibrant fruit profile. At the same time a neutral grape spirit, also made from macabeu grapes, is macerated with over 160 different botanicals. The ingredients include green walnuts, thyme, rosemary, orange peel, cardamom and wormwood. The rest, in true vermouth fashion, are kept a secret. After the wine is fermented and the blend has been completed the vermouth spends six months ageing in a solera system.


One of the main differences between this and other vermouths is the very low use of caramel. This results in a lighter, more fragrant and spicy vermouth with greater balance and complexity – better suited to drinking straight as well as mixing in cocktails. In Spain vermouth is drunk neat, with a slice of orange and an olive. This is how we recommend you drink it too. It is also delicious in cocktails as well as with ginger ale or soda. Salud!


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